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Martin Revill

Martin Revill

Head of Transport, Urban Foresight
Martin is head of transport for the independent consultancy Urban Foresight, established more than a decade ago as the world’s first dedicated smart cities consultancy. His team works with places from global cities to remote communities in supporting the transition towards electric mobility, allied to developing sustainable sources of renewable energy. Martin is a Chartered Transport Planning Professional with more than 35 years’ experience in the sector. He has diverse experience in local and regional government from West Yorkshire to Ontario, and since 2005 has worked in a leadership role for several UK transport and multi-disciplinary consultancies, before joining Urban Foresight at the start of 2024. His experience includes leading the development of integrated transport plans and strategies at regional, city, and local scale. He led the development of the City of York’s first Local Transport Plan in 2000, and in 2018-21 led evidence base development for West Yorkshire’s Connectivity Plan.


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