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Gareth Dauley

Gareth Dauley

Founder and CEO, KOE Group and IntoNetZero charity
Gareth is an award-winning CEO with over 15 years of experience in the clean energy and energy storage industry. He is the founder and CEO of KOE Group, an Independent Power Producer company that delivers innovative and financeable renewable energy solutions via solar and energy storage to the global markets. Gareth was also a founding member of Limejump that was acquired by Shell in 2019 and EVP of Pacific Green Technologies battery division. Gareth is passionate about creating a greener world and a lasting legacy for future generations. He has successfully led and managed multiple energy projects across developed and emerging countries, supplying clean power to over 5 million households worldwide. He has also partnered with private industry and governments in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean, to provide sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions. Gareth is an advocate of mentorship and diversity, and actively supports young and underrepresented energy professionals in their career development and network building.


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