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Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt

Managing Director, V2G
Jim Hunt is the Managing Director of V2G Limited, a “smart grid” consultancy specialising in vehicle-to-grid technology. He has over two decades of experience in the electricity distribution industry and represents the British Standards Institution on a variety of V2x related international standard development committees. These include those developing the ISO 15118 protocol for electric vehicle to charging station communications, and the IEC 63110 protocol for charging station to charging station operator communications.

Jim is also CEO of a UK startup developing low cost, low power, standards compliant, AC bi-directional wallboxes for international markets. V2G EVSE Ltd. is a member of the Open Charge Alliance, where Jim is currently very active in the OCPP2.lite task group.

When not hunched over his numerous keyboards Jim enjoys cycling through forests and jumping into the North Atlantic whenever the swell is onshore and the wind is offshore on the coast of North Cornwall.


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