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Charles Ainger

Charles Ainger

Trustee, Lune Valley Community Land Trust

Husband of 53 years, father of 2 with 3 grandkids, now 81. Civil engineer from 1966, started by building cooling towers for coal fired power stations! Switched to environmental related work, in, water and sewage, for next 42 years. In 1999-2001, a part time MSc in Business and Sustainability changed my focus to this, particularly climate change. Spent until 2008 retirement pushing for change in my sector. Part-time teaching too, via Visiting Professr role at Cambridge Department of Engineering, and Associate at Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Development.

For the huge changes we need, my best role has been practical action; demonstrating what is possible, and that it is affordable – to show what can be done, and get past that terrible innovation-deadening question: ’can you guarantee it will work?’ Examples:



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