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Cameron Brown

Cameron Brown

Product Manager, ClearWatt
After spending a number of years in academia working in Imperial College London’s Electrochemistry Research Group, Cameron developed a deep understanding of the inner workings of batteries and their associated challenges. There have been significant investments into the UK’s battery research ecosystem to discover new chemistries and technologies that improve upon the previous generation, with certain aiming to reduce battery degradation. Despite this, no research seemed to focus on developing scalable solutions to monitoring the battery health of electric vehicles.
Concerned by this growing problem, Cameron joined ClearWatt, a venture aimed squarely at bolstering buyer and seller confidence in the secondary EV market. ClearWatt's innovative approach includes a proprietary suite of technology solutions. The core product is a mobile app that accurately determines the actual range capability of any EV, providing real-time insights into a vehicle's performance and the health of its battery – critical information at various stages of an EVs life, especially during the resale journey. Furthermore, ClearWatt offers comprehensive data and API services to a range of businesses, significantly enhancing the accuracy of information regarding vehicle range, battery condition and charging information.


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