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Patrick Creswell

Patrick Creswell

Managing Director & Co-Founder, ClearWatt

As the former Managing Director of E-Car Club and Head of Urban Mobility at Europcar, Patrick has spent over a decade advancing electric vehicle (EV) adoption and innovation. These positions helped Patrick introduce thousands of people to EVs, honing a deep understanding of consumer mindsets and the challenges surrounding EV adoption — notably, the knowledge and information gaps hindering the confident buying and selling of used EVs.

This experience was pivotal in establishing ClearWatt, a venture aimed squarely at bolstering buyer and seller confidence in the secondary EV market. ClearWatt's innovative approach includes a proprietary suite of technology solutions. The core product is a mobile app that accurately determines the actual range capability of any EV, providing real-time insights into a vehicle's performance and the health of its battery – critical information at various stages of an EVs life, especially during the resale journey. Furthermore, ClearWatt offers comprehensive data and API services to a range of businesses, significantly enhancing the accuracy of information regarding vehicle range, battery condition and charging information.



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