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Mark Shaffer

Mark Shaffer

Part Owner, Personal Electric Transport

Mark entered the micro-mobility space in 2018, after seeing the potential of lightweight electric transport during several trips outside the UK. After investing in Personal Electric Transport Ltd, the company enjoyed a year of exponential growth as e-scooters and e-bikes grew in popularity.

However, UK Government policy destroyed the green shoots of the UK micro-mobility industry after clamping down on private ownership of e-scooters in 2020. Mark continues to campaign for the introduction of a regulatory framework that would allow the use of private micromobility equipment in the UK.

He spearheaded the E Scooter Defence Fund in 2020 to raise money to promote new regulation. He has appeared on various radio and television segments to argue the case for the adoption of this technology.

Prior to micromobility, Mark ran a successful hospitality business which was responsible for some of the more notable bars and restaurants in East London. Mark is a musician and has toured extensively in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world including several television and radio appearances.



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