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Hugh Edeleanu

Hugh Edeleanu

Chairman and Founder, Evision Electric Vehicles
Cambridge University graduate, Hugh Edeleanu, has always been very environmentally and financially conscious. He entered the business of solar power generation in 2010 and the electric vehicle industry, with a new fleet of 34 Tesla Model S's in 2014. From then, EVision Electric Vehicles has grown to be the largest EV only rental company in the UK and includes all makes and models of electric vehicles currently available in the UK, including cars, commercial vans and people carriers. Hugh's other businesses include Diggerland, a theme park where children of all ages can drive and ride real diggers which he founded in the year 2000 and also H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd, which is the UK's largest specialist excavator hire company which he founded while he was still at university in 1972.


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