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Callum White

Callum White

Principal Consultant, Urban Foresight

Callum leads the Electric Mobility team at Urban Foresight, with over eight years of experience in the field of electric mobility and clean energy. His work is dedicated to helping places and communities become leaders in the global transition towards electric mobility and clean energy. 

Across the UK, Callum has developed regional decarbonisation strategies and projects that contribute to the development of energy and transport decarbonisation schemes. This includes identifying the next wave of public charging infrastructure and hydrogen refuelling stations, developing net zero mobility hubs, and assessing the integration opportunities for renewables and battery storage. Callum has also led communication and awareness raising support programmes to help users with the transition to electric mobility. 

With a background in renewable energy and business model development, Callum is keen to drive innovation in supporting the adoption of clean technologies. His work not only promotes electric mobility in every endeavour but also aims to unlock new business and revenue models in the field.



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